Monday, November 9, 2009

Music Monday: **EXCLUSIVE** Interview with Skye Townsend


Many people are familiar with Robert Townsend, a renowned Actor and Producer, from the Parent'Hood. But it's his daughter that is sure to become all the rage! Skye Townsend started making YouTube videos and was an instant internet sensation, and that was before the world knew who her father was! And now that people know, Skye is determined to find success on her own and is off to a great start! Whether it is own YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, or Ustream, fans just seem to flock to this fashion savvy songstress. The Ebony and Ivory Blog was able to catch up with Miss Townsend for an interview:

E&I: Ok, we always start off with this one because so many people have nick names. What’s your full name, like is Skye short for something? 
ST: Skylar Christan Townsend. My full name is Skylar but since i was a baby it's been Skye.

E&I: What do you want people to know about Skye?
ST: I want them to know I am hungry for the arts. I would love to see young talent thrive.

E&I: Who’s your biggest inspiration, and if different who’s your musical inspiration?
ST: My father keeps me going. I am most musically inspired by Bob Marley. The power behind some of his lyrics and mind blowing.

E&I: What’s your favorite tv show?
ST: ANTM! lol. I don't watch much tv but that's about it. Reality tv is really dumb to me but I love getting ideas from the photoshoots on that show.

E&I: What's the best movie ever?
ST: Hard one. I loveeeee Simon Birch.

E&I: We wanna know a secret….what is a bad habit you have that not many people don’t know about?
ST: I forget to shave my legs alot? LMAO

E&I: What’s your most prized possession?
ST: My laptop is my joy & my life. It started my entire career and helps me so much to organize my business.

E&I: How long have you been singing?
ST: I began singing at three years old and automatically figured out I was in love with music.

E&I: What would be the ideal path for your career?
ST: Good music. I want to be respected for good music. That is all I ask.

E&I: What do you hope people take from your music?
ST: I hope they feel any emotion that the song is supposed to give off. Whether it's a dream record, party record or just faucet of feelings.

E&I: My absolute favorite song of yours is Miami….of the songs you recorded, what is your favorite song?
ST: Haha ! Miami was fun to make but i adore my single "Pretty Boy". It was so much fun to make such an Electro Pop song but still keep some importance lyrically.

Click to hear Skye Townsend's Miami

E&I: Because you have a famous father, what has been some of the benefits that you have been that have helped you on your career path?
ST: Honestly, i haven't had a manager this entire time. I book my own meetings, promote myself [ with the help of amazing fansites] and just have learned how to handle things on my own. If i want a photoshoot, i have to pay for it myself or negotiate a deal. People think him being famous automatically makes me a star . Lmao! It doesn't.. i actually ask him for no help unless it's advice.

E&I: And what would you say are some of the negatives?
ST: The negative is that people think the world is handed to me on a platter.

E&I: What advice would you give others who want to sing?
ST: SING WHENEVER IT MAKES YOU HAPPY. it can be a hobby, career , or just random.

E&I: When can we expect the first album?
ST: I have no idea !!! 2010 I hope!

E&I: And what can we expect from the album?
ST: You can expect music from the heart. A different sound. Something... electrifying!

E&I: Who’s picture is in you locker?
ST: haha, my locker is messy and nasty and fulllll of books. I don't think i had the time to ever decorate it!

E&I: I love your signature blue lipstick. Where do you find it and what brand is it?
ST: Haha it's actually not lipstick. But a paint pot called fluid line from Mac.. it might even be used on eyes but oh well. I loveeee the blue so i decided to try something new.

E&I: How did the blue lipstick start?
ST: One picture started the whole thing. People dug it, some hated it, some tried it themselves! Either way i love how it looks so opinions don't phase me much!

E&I: Are you single?
ST: -_- tehe; that's private ! ;D

E&I: Who’s you celebrity crush?
ST: I think Chris Brown is incredibly attractive... 

E&I: Would you ever date someone inside the entertainment industry and why are why not?
ST: Yes & No. People are in your business ALL the time either way but others in the business understand certain aspects that people might never get if they aren't in it. But it is wonderful to have someone to just go to who won't question you about work or even care about it to that degree!

E&I: What keeps you grounded?
ST: Passion.

E&I: When will we get another Beyonce Impression on youtube? I love those!!!
ST: Haha, idk bout that one! We have got to see about that.... LOL

E&I: If you were a super hero, what would your name be and what power would you have?
ST: SuperSkye - I'd be deathly fierce.

E&I: I am gonna say two thing and you pick one:

E&I: RocNation or Young Money?

E&I: Beyonce or Taylor Swift?
ST: Beyyyyyyy !

E&I: MySpace or Twitter?
ST: Twitter!

E&I: Lil Mama’s Hair or Lil Mama’s outfits?
ST: Lmao lil mama is a good friend of mineee. She's a sweeetie i wont choose lmao.

E&I: Old Destiny’s Child or Solo Beyonce?
ST: Beyyyyy again!

E&I: The Jerk or The Stanky Leg?
ST: Jerk~! Shoutout to Julian.

E&I: Yaki or Remi (Weave)?
ST: That good kindd.... idk what its called. remi be sheddingggg !

E&I: Perm or Natural?
ST: Natural unless you look like a creature from underground without a perm.

E&I: What’s next for Skye?
ST: I want to sign a beautiful contract that doesn't limit me, but inspires me.

E&I: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
ST: I want to be performing intimate shows in coffee shops while still being number one on the charts.

E&I: And where can we find you on the net?
ST: google Skye Townsend. Pretty much every username for those sites is skyetownsend!

E&I: Wanna give any shoutouts?

Big thanks to Skye for the interview. I, myself, am a fan and I don't know how you can't be after reading this.


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